How much is a Churchill 1965 coin worth?


A churchill 1965 coin worth twenty-five pence.
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It's not a US half dollar; it's a crown (or 1/4 pound or 25 pence) coin from Great Britain. It's worth less than a US in circulated condition, and perhaps US$1 or US$2 in Uncirculated
Silver coins that are older than 1965 are worth at least 10 to 14 times face value based on the silver content. If the date and mint mark is rare and the coin is in good condition
It's known as a
Assuming your Churchill piece is about the size of a U.S. Silver Dollar with Queen Elizabeth on the back, it is a Great Britain Crown struck in cupro-nickel to commemorate the passing
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As of April 2014, the value of a 1965 Winston Churchill commemorative coin varies from about $6 to $13 on average. The condition of the coin affects the price.The ...
Following the death of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, in 1965, a commemorative crown was issued in his honour and memory. Distribution of the coins began ...
The 1965 quarter coin is worth between 0.6 to 3 pounds ($1.00 to $6.00). The coin was designed by John Flanagan and weighs approximately 5.7 grams. The outer layers ...
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