How Much Is a Copy of Stradivarius Violin Worth?


Stradivarius violin are violins made by Antonio Stradivari, a renowned an Italian Luther and a crafter of stringed instruments. Antonio made all his violins by hand more than 250 years ago, and since they are considered as antiques these violins are hard to get hence they are very expensive. If it was made in 1680’s it is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars today, but if was made during the golden era (1700’s up until 1720) then it’s worth over millions of dollars. The highest price that a Stradivarius was ever sold for was $3,544,000.
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You would have to take the violin to an appraiser to determine the authenticity and worth.
probably more than my house. O_O.
From 0 - many thousands. There are many different qualities of the copies. Some have absolutely no resemblance to a Strad and barely resemble a violin while others might be worth
Instructions. Listen to the sound of your violin. The value of a violin drops dramatically, no matter its physical condition, if it cannot hold a tune. A violin that plays clearly
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