How Much is a Denarius in Dollars?


The value of a denarius is a very hard question. It is very hard for a economist to decide the worth of such a currency since it has been out of use for a very long time. A carpenter was paid 5 denarii a hour so you can have a guess at what it is worth.
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A denarius would pay one days wages at the time. Average hourly wage for US citizens 23.78 USD for Jan 2013. In 2006, the average US man employed full-time worked 8.4 hours per work
What can 1 denarius buy? is it a lot? It was worth about $21 U.S. dollars back in 2005. So how ever much you can get for 21 bucks back in 2005 is the value of a denarius. In California
In today's terms, the Roman Denarius would be worth
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