How Much is a Drummer Boy Quarter Worth?


Drummer boy quarters are rare and unique. They can be worth about $25.00 each if in mint condition and have no lamination errors. Check with your local dealer for an estimate.
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It's a Bicentennial Quarter that's still in circulation, more than 1.5 Billion were minted so you can spend it. It's worth 25 cents.
1976 quarter for the bicentennial is the only quarter with
To find out how much a coin is worth its best to take the coin to a collector or coin shop. Also the value depend on what the coin is made of from silver,gold and standard metal.
Better known as Bicentennial Quarters since they were minted to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the US. They are generally only worth face value if they were taken from circulation
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The condition of a 1963 quarter will affect its worth. $5.12 is the lowest value for a 1963 quarter. Its melt value is higher. A rare version of the coin has auctioned ...
A year 1941 quarter is worth anywhere from three dollars to thirty five dollars. The true value depends on the condition of the coin. ...
A bicentennial quarter is worth face value, or 25 cents. They can be worth as much as 5 to 10 cents over face value if they are in pristine condition. Bicentennial ...
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