How much is a Duncan Phyfe table worth?


If you have an original Duncan Phyfe table, it could be worth anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000. If it's a copy, it would be worth considerably less.
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It is worth $365.00.
These pieces include a labeled card table priced at $11,000; a three
Hi Kris. Nice to hear from you. I think first I would try some colored wax on this table. Unfortunately this will not remedy the cracked finish. It could well be that the table needs
Duncan Phyfe definitely was a real person. His furniture-making skills were so admired and his style copied so often that "Duncan Phyfe" has come to refer to his furniture
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To identify a Duncan Phyfe table you need to look for classic characteristics. The carved reeds, pedestals, turned urn post, draped swags, lion paw feet, and trumpets ...
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