How Much Is a Five Pound Coin Worth?


The British five pound (£5) coin's value is also 5 pounds sterling but sometimes it is sold at a slight premium to that value. The reverse side of the coin has been produced with various portraits. The coin produced in 2010 showed countdown to London Olympics 2012 and the one produced in 2011 has profile portrait of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
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There was no 1995 Five Pound coin minted.
unless it is a quite rare one it's unlikely to be worth more than £5, in fact if you sold it you'd possibly not even get the £5 for it. I have 6 £5. well they are
Such a coin does not exist. The Britain was granted exemption from moving to the Euro currency. You have either an EU 2 ECU coin or a British Two Pound coin.
It can change by the minute, but right now it is about $114. Update, 4-29-11. It's now at $288.
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A Five pound was first minted by Charles II in 1668, but it fluctuated in value until it was fixed at five pounds and five shillings in 1717. gold coin is about £830.
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