How Much Is a G Stamp Worth?


A G stamp that does not have a denomination on its face can be worth anywhere from 3 to 32 cents, depending on the image on it. A non-denominational G stamp with the picture of Old Glory on it is worth around 32 cents, while the one with a dove on it is only worth 3 cents. When trying to determine how much a G stamp is worth it is always a good idea to compare it to the ones pictured in the catalogue offered by the USPS.
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Answer There are actually 4 different G Stamps, each worth a different amount. If you have a stamp that has no value printed on it, such as the G stamp, visit the USPS link, which
Rarity is probably the primary factor in determining stamp value. Particular stamps are rare either because they were issued in very small numbers or because they have long since
The current stamp price is 42 cents. ChaCha!
1. Identify your stamp based on physical characteristics such as color and image. Observe whether the stamp is centered with a magnifying glass and make sure the margins around the
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