How Much Is a G Stamp Worth?


A G stamp that does not have a denomination on its face can be worth anywhere from 3 to 32 cents, depending on the image on it. A non-denominational G stamp with the picture of Old Glory on it is worth around 32 cents, while the one with a dove on it is only worth 3 cents. When trying to determine how much a G stamp is worth it is always a good idea to compare it to the ones pictured in the catalogue offered by the USPS.
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Answer There are actually 4 different G Stamps, each worth a different amount. If you have a stamp that has no value printed on it, such as the G stamp, visit the USPS link, which
The value of old stamps varies according to place of origin. Stamp collecting is often very much a national affair. Each country has its own philatelic societies and issues of interest
The current stamp price is 42 cents. ChaCha!
First-Class Mail which takes 1 - 3 days for delivery is still $0.42. The price of
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