How Much Is a Gallon of Milk in Hawaii?


The cost of a gallon of milk in Hawaii can vary depending on where it is purchased. As of 2012, the average price of for a gallon of milk in Hawaii was around $5 to $7. There are also stores like Costco, Sam's Club and others that will have cheaper prices.
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A June 2008 article on CNN recently referenced milk as being $6.50 a gallon.
Regular prices range from $5.99 to 7.99 a gallon. When on special, you can find them at the price of around $3.99. Independent Grocers of Hawaii (IGH) often have the best prices compared
1,000 dollars like last year now its over 5,000 dollars.
1. Begin your day with a glass or two of milk. Incorporate it into every meal. Add it to cereal, smoothies, anything you like, if you get tired of drinking plain milk. 2. Repeat this
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