How much is a GameBoy Color worth?


Preowned GameBoy Color systems are currently selling on Ebay and other online retailers, as well as in gaming shops like GameStop for about 25 to 35 dollars. If you are selling to a gaming shop, you may get even less, so you would be better to sell it to someone yourself, even using classifieds such as Craiglist or those in your local newspaper.
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Gameboy Colors are not worth much. Gamestop: Won't buy it it's too old they wont accept it. Pawnshop: about 2-3$ Ebay:5-20$ In person:5-20$ gameboy colors aren't worth much unless
1. Plug your Gameshark device into your Gameboy Color the same way you would any normal game title. 2. Plug your Gameboy Color game into the Gameshark device. Make sure it is inserted
Prices range form seller to seller but the
Check eBay, I wouldn't think it would be a expensive piece.
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