How much is a GameBoy Color worth?


Preowned GameBoy Color systems are currently selling on Ebay and other online retailers, as well as in gaming shops like GameStop for about 25 to 35 dollars. If you are selling to a gaming shop, you may get even less, so you would be better to sell it to someone yourself, even using classifieds such as Craiglist or those in your local newspaper.
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the last 1 that i saw was about $7 lol.
1. Turn off your Gameboy Color and turn it over. Press down on the back battery latch to release the battery cover and remove the two batteries from the compartment. 2. Use your small
Gameboy Color Games range from $10 for older titles to $150 for mor...
The thing is, you have to find someone who actually wants to buy this. Electronics, especially old ones, become undesirable. If it were a super nintendo, it would still be a hard
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