How Much Is a German Deutsche Mark Worth?


Deutsche Marks are no longer legal tender in Germany. However, at the last rate of change back in 2002 before Germany adopted the Euro, it was legal. At that time, the German Deutsche Mark was worth about 50 cents in US currency.
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I found an article that suggested a US dollar is worth 4.2 1914 marks or deustchemarks. Germany now uses the Euro so it would mainly be worthy of interest to collectors I would imagine
1 Deutsch Mark is equal to 0.511291881 Euros, which is equal to 0.649340689 U.S.
You need to take it to a professional appraiser, someone who specialized in currency. There are so many variables. condition, markings, etc. Tried to do some research on old coins
Very likely, because Germany wants to leave the EU, which would be a direct consequence resulting out of such a move, and essentially be a 'large Switzerland' with a ridiculously
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