How Much Is a German Deutsche Mark Worth?


Deutsche Marks are no longer legal tender in Germany. However, at the last rate of change back in 2002 before Germany adopted the Euro, it was legal. At that time, the German Deutsche Mark was worth about 50 cents in US currency.
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I found an article that suggested a US dollar is worth 4.2 1914 marks or deustchemarks. Germany now uses the Euro so it would mainly be worthy of interest to collectors I would imagine
The Deutsche Mark did not exist in 1920, it was implemented in 1948. In 1920, Germany had the so-called "Papiermark" (paper Mark) In the year 1920, the Papiermark was relatively
The mark has been not used since Germany adopted the euro in 2002;
Hi Robert, There were 160,000 of these 5 Mark coins from the German kingdom of Saxony minted in Muldenhutten (E) featuring King Albert (1873-1902) This coin should weigh 27.777 grams
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The German Mark is worth about 0.73 US dollars. The Mark (Deutschemark) is the official currency of the federal republic of Germany. The mark has been in circulation ...
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