How Much Is a Gram of Cocaine Worth?


A gram of cocaine will be worth a varying price depending on how pure the cocaine is and depending on the dealers price. In places like Columbia, a gram is not very much and is worth about $2.00. However, in the US, a person can pay about $50.00 for a gram.
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40 quid by me :
The street price of cocaine varies hugely across the world. In Colombia, it is
Exists various types e.g. "Pó de cinco" "Pó de dez" and etc, etc etc. but this is a difficult question to answer! the better people to do it are
around $500-800. im not too sure because I DONT DO COKE :P i just smoke pot : its all down to where you are the furter north you get the more expensive the stuff is. EDIT: In the
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