How Much Is a Greyhound Bus Ticket from North Carolina to Allentown PA?


A Greyhound bush ticket from North Carolina to Allentown, PA is about $80-100. You can buy an online ticket from Raleigh, NC to Allentown, PA for $78. You can buy a bus ticket at the bus terminal you are leaving from for $89 or you can buy a refundable ticket for $100. The trip is about 15-1/2 hours.
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A Greyhound bus ticket from. Greensboro. to. Gainsville. will cost approximately. $116.16 - $149.00. depending on the fare type selected. The price of a bus ticket depends on the
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It will depend on when you plan to visit Cincinnati. I suggest you go to the Greyhound website and type in the dates of travel.
You might actually want to check plane tickets they are cheaper than greyhound surprisingly.
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