How Much Is a Haircut at Great Clips?


A haircut at Great Clips will cost around $20. This varies a bit depending on what exactly you are wanting done, and your location. Some places will cost a bit more.
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A haircut from great clips cost 12 dollars.
There are many options for haircuts at Great Clips, this is your local Great
I think it's like $8. Whether they cut well or not is based on the individual hair dresser and your personal style. Personally I think that some people there may be great but some
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As of December 2012, the price of a Great Clips haircut is $14.95 for an adult. The price is $9.95 for a child. ...
At Sports Clips, a typical haircut will cost around $20. This does not include anything but a wash and cut. For someone who wants a style, or anything else, it ...
Great clips will have an occasional sale where haircuts are $5.99 each. This is a phenomenal deal that goes on for several weeks. This is generally well advertised ...
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