How Much Is a Haircut at Great Clips?


A haircut at Great Clips will cost around $20. This varies a bit depending on what exactly you are wanting done, and your location. Some places will cost a bit more.
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Hot Topic has really awesome hair clips! you can buy them and dye them if you want a pattern or different cool colors :D hope this helped!
There are many options for haircuts at Great Clips, this is your local Great
I dunno - maybe you should just call them and ask? I could do that too, and then I would have to send you the message, and then you would find out that in my city the prices are different
Search around for hair salons in your area and call or visit their websites for special offers. Hair stylists who are in training will often offer their services at a very low price
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As of December 2012, the price of a Great Clips haircut is $14.95 for an adult. The price is $9.95 for a child. ...
At Sports Clips, a typical haircut will cost around $20. This does not include anything but a wash and cut. For someone who wants a style, or anything else, it ...
Great clips will have an occasional sale where haircuts are $5.99 each. This is a phenomenal deal that goes on for several weeks. This is generally well advertised ...
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