How much is a haircut at Toni & Guy?


The prices at Toni and Guy will really depend on when you go for the hair cut, and who cuts your hair. If you would like for the Salon director to do it, that would cost you 49.50 on weekdays and 52.50 on weekends. If the stylists do it, then you would pay 35.50 on weekdays and 37.50 on the weekend.
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It depends where in the UK you live. The price list for Newark-on-Trent is below, and if you are in London it will cost about £5 more
A wash cut and blow dry at Toni and Guy prices start at 35GBP and rise to 48GBP depending on level of stylist.
1. Decide how long you want the hair on the top of the head to be and how much of a fade you want for the sides and back of the head. Comb or brush the hair in the direction it's
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