How much is a half-cent stamp worth?


It depends on what president is on the stamp. However, regardless of which president it is, the stamp will not be worth too much. At it's best, maybe a dollar.
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John Adams appears on a number of 2 cent stamps. Consult an online catalog for information to figure out which one you have. That will provide you an estimate on the value.
Supposing you stamp looks like this:…. American collectors would identify that as U.S. Scott catalog number 704, with a catalog value
An Australian Mint UnHinged (MUH) 60 cent Royal Wedding of Prince CHarles and Lady Diana Spencer stamp released on 29-Jul-1981, might be worth up to $3 AUD.
Scott # 1528 Most used US postage stamps are worth 20 cents, the minimum amount required to catalog and stock the stamps. Unused will always be worth at least their face value. This
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