How much is a half-cent stamp worth?


It depends on what president is on the stamp. However, regardless of which president it is, the stamp will not be worth too much. At it's best, maybe a dollar.
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Depending on the 1 and a half cent stamp that you have, it could be
ten dollars.
The worth of a stamp is based on several factors - the condition of the stamp, the number of that specific stamp that were produced, and the need of the stamp. Some people will pay
Supposing you stamp looks like this:…. American collectors would identify that as U.S. Scott catalog number 704, with a catalog value
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The worth of a four cent Project Mercury stamp is actually rather low because it is very common. It usually retails for around five cents or fifty cents in a pack ...
An Elvis Presley stamp, if you're lucky, is worth 99 cents. That's only if it's in mint condition. We sold an entire sheet of them on eBay, and only got a little ...
The worth of a 1966 George Washington 5 cent blue stamp in 60 years will largely depend on how much the buyer, if there is one, is willing to pay at that time. ...
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