How Much Is a Half Crown Worth?


The half crown was a denomination of British money worth two shillings and sixpence. It was first issued in 1526 during the time in power of Henry VIII.
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If you're talking about 'modern' coins, I recently bought a 1987 version (last year of minting) for £49, new, at Llechwedd Slate Mine in Snowdonia, Wales. Hope this helps you.
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Half-crowns were removed from circulation in England as of February, 1971 so
Half Crown was valued at the time, twelve and a half new pence but now since they are no longer legal tender they are worthless unless that is to a collector, and if you take them
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A half crown is a British denomination. It is worth two and a half shillings, 30 pennies or one-eighth of a pound. For more information, visit:
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The half crown is British money worth one-eighth of a pound. Back then it was worth two shillings and sixpence. ...
Before decimalization in 1971, the British crown was worth five shillings. Today, the crown is a twenty-five pence piece, but, though legal tender, these are ...
Though intrinsically valued by some at somewhere around £20,000,000 , the Crown Jewels are really priceless, for much of their true value lies in their symbolism ...
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