How much is an 8-cent Harry S Truman U.S. postage stamp worth?

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USPS Postage Rates
First-Class Postcard: $0.34
First-Class Letter: $0.49
International Letter: $1.15
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A few cents. You can purchase a used copy for the minimum price of 15 to 20 cents. A dealer is not going to be interested in purchasing a single copy.…. about $6, thats if anyone wants it. also depends on condition, any creases or marks will devalue it. if it's franked (stamped) then
It depends on the actual version of the stamped envelope. You can buy stamped envelopes at the post office. They cost a bit more than the postage to account for the envelope itself.
The US has issued many dozens of red 3 cent stamps. It will take a bit of work to identify which stamp you are referring to. I would recommend spending some time looking at a US Postage
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A stamp expert would need to actually view the stamp to provide a value. Many things influence it's value including if it has actually been used or mailed and are the colors bright with crisp edges. As a general rule, the value is the face value. In this case .08 cents. And this stamp can still be used!
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