How Much Is a Jack Nicklaus Five Pound Note Worth?


The £5 note to commemorate Jack Nicklaus in his last open championship in 2005 was a note issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland. It currently retails for up to £40 GBP in mint condition and in its original packaging. There were approximately 2 million notes printed. Circulated, they are worth only £5, because once it enters circulation, it loses its collector appeal.
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The Royal Bank of Scotland, Jack Nicklaus Five Pound note is currently retailing for up to £40 GBP in mint condition. There were 2 million printed. Circulated, they are worth
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Sadly, this will be pretty standard. You can't really set a solid price on any kind of collectable like this. You have to give it some sort of range. Your best bet to figure a decent
Two million Jack Nicklaus 5 pound notes issued.
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Jack Nicklaus five pound note worthThis rare note was issued by RBS Royal Bank of Scotland in commemoration with the 134th British Open . It is worth £10.99.
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