How Much Is a Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card Worth?


As of 2012, a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card is worth $15 to $40 based on card book value. A few years ago the rookie card was worth $150. There is still the possibility that the card's value will rise again based on the fluctuating values of many baseball cards.
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A Donruss 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card RC #33 sold
Anywhere from $15 - $300 on E-bay. One of the most reliable price guides is Beckett's. Here's an article that explains why it isn't worth
Ken Griffey Jr. signed Photo. A Ken Griffey Jr. signed 8 x 10 Photo is worth about $75.150. Larger and more desired photos could sell for more. Value is based on average prices of
Ken Griffey Jr's rookie card use to sell easily for $150.00. Now the price is only $18-$30 on eBay.
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