How much is a KFC bucket?


According to a menu price listing site, the cost for a KFC bucket ranges from about $18 to $25 as of January 2014. However, the price varies depending on one's location.

The most effective way to determine the price of a KFC bucket is to visit or call the location nearest to you. This is the most reliable way to obtain pricing that is current and localized. The official KFC website can provide directions and operating hours for the nearest KFC venue. The website does list menu items and nutrition information, but fails to reveal current menu prices, including the cost of the various buckets of chicken offered.

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A 10 piece bucket of Original Recipe chicken with mashed potatoes, cole slaw and
Watch the comercial.
Here is an idea. Call the KFC he went to and ask how much it is. It varies from location to location. But it's usually $10-12.
Very competitively priced!
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