How Much Is a KFC Franchise?


A KFC franchise costs a minimum of £5 million if you are a business, of which £2 million should be your own personal investment and the rest will be from additional funding. If you want to open a Drive Thru unit to KFC standards, this will cost over £500,000.For more information, you can visit
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1. Be prepared to own more than one franchise. Yum Brands focuses on multi-branding, which means if you want to open a KFC, you'll need to also open another franchise to place alongside
Well in pakistan it cost around 20 million rupees but ur dont because you are poor.
According to their own website, Starbucks is not a franchise and has no plans to become a franchise in the future. They are company owned and operated with the exeptions of small
The total cost when purchasing a KFC Franchise varies between
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