How Much Is a KFC Franchise?


A KFC franchise costs a minimum of £5 million if you are a business, of which £2 million should be your own personal investment and the rest will be from additional funding. If you want to open a Drive Thru unit to KFC standards, this will cost over £500,000.For more information, you can visit
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1. Be prepared to own more than one franchise. Yum Brands focuses on multi-branding, which means if you want to open a KFC, you'll need to also open another franchise to place alongside
Well in pakistan it cost around 20 million rupees but ur dont because you are poor.
I looked into a Taco Bell Franchise once, it was expensive. How much a franchise costs depends on what franchise you are interested in. What I recommend is that you visit the website
The total cost when purchasing a KFC Franchise varies between
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KFC also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, United States. KFC sells chicken pieces, salads, wraps, and sandwiches ...
According to a menu price listing site, the cost for a KFC bucket ranges from about $18 to $25 as of January 2014. However, the price varies depending on one's ...
The KFC Deluxe Boneless Box is filled with 8 or 12 tender 100% chicken Mini Breast Fillets and costs £12.99 ...
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