How Much Is a Kilo of Heroin Worth?


A kilo of heroin is worth between $100,00- $175,000. The high end price comes from Operation Black Gold Rush when 17 kilograms of heroin were taken by authorities. The black-tar heroin apparently had a value of over $3 million on the streets.
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Two Kilograms of Heroin is worth over $1 Million, 20 Kilos would be worth over
Kilo is equal to 1000, and 1 kilogram (kg) = 1000 grams g. There are 0.001 kilograms in one gram. Ask!
As usual, it depends on the condition, the collector and the availability of the bottle. On the Jim Beam Club Web site, you can see decanters from the $40 range, such as the Oil Quart
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