How much is a Lincoln 4-cent stamp worth?


A Lincoln 4 cent stamp dated 1954-1961 is worth 40 cents in mint condition and 15 cents used. The value varies depending on the date issued.
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The Abraham Lincoln 4 cent stamp is worth anywhere from .50 to
Maybe Scott #1036/#1058 - Purple sheet/mint ? You can purchase one of them mint for about 30 or 40 cents, used for about 15. Scott #1116 - Horizontal Blue Commemorative. This would
It depends on which 4-cent Lincoln stamp you mean. There are at least six different ones. If yours looks like this:…. or this: http
Ashley, The one cent, Scott number 705, is very common. It has a catalog (retail) value of 20 cents in mint or used condition, but note that the lowest valuation for any stamp in
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