How Much is a Madame Alexander Doll Worth?


Generally speaking, Madame Alexander dolls are usually reasonably valuable. But, depending on how rare the doll is, it's age, and the condition of it, the value of it can vary. Say you have a 1980 Madame Alexander doll in good condition, you could probably expect to get anywhere from $22.00 to $60.00 for it.
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Mary Mine.
1. Understand that Madame Alexander dolls are collector-quality, fine dolls that are designed to be displayed and not played with. 2. Realize that each doll is produced in limited
What a Madame Alexander doll is worth at the moment, depends on the doll
The bent knee dolls are the ones that are most collectible, the 1950's Alex Kins are the most valuable and the the 60's and the 70's. I will look her up for you in my Alexander cross
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