How much is a Mark McGwire rookie card worth?


The rookie card of Mark McGwire is worth a significant amount of money. The 1985 Topps card is the most sought after, and on ebay it is currently being auctioned off at a high asking price of 3,000 dollars. Of course this is pristine condition. The same card is also being sold at an asking price of 995 dollars and looks to be in good condition.
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In mint condition, I believe the card is worth about
According to 1987 Topps Tiffany Mark McGwire Rookie Baseball Card is $29.95 & a 1988 Topps 1987 Rookies Mark McGwire is $12.95. report this answer. Updated
1985 Mark McGwire Topps Rookie Card 401. A 1985 Topps Mark McGwire card number 401 has a book value of about $10. -15. in near/mint condition. The card featuring McGwire in his. 1984
Actually his Olympic Card was issued by Topps in 1985 not 84 and in mint condition it books for $30.00. Source(s) Beckett baseball price guide.
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