How Much Is a McDonalds Breakfast?


McDonald's breakfast will cost you around £1.99. On the breakfast menu you can choose from a bacon egg or sausage and egg McMuffin, bacon roll, pancakes with sausage and syrup. 'The Big Breakfast' consists of a burger shaped sausage, scrambled eggs, a hash brown and a muffin with butter.
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3.49 dollars.
McDonalds sausage breakfast burrito is 290 calories and costs about
The prices will be clearly marked on the menu board when you place your order. If you only have $10 then it should be easy to choose menu items that fit into your budget regrardless
That depends on what you like to eat, if you're looking at a breakfast platter, I would say you should just go to the store and buy a frozen breakfast, because that is about what
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McDonald's - $
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