How much is a Mickey Mantle card worth?


How much a Mickey Mantle card is worth depends on which Mickey Mantle card. Other factors affecting the price of the card are the condition and the year of the card.
Q&A Related to "How much is a Mickey Mantle card worth?"
Probably about a dollar because its not original but still worth something because it has Mickey Mantle's picture on it and those can be worth something. A hand painted replicate
The 1997 Topps Mickey Mantle Reprints were inserted randomly into one of every 12 packs of Series I cards. These cards are worth $5 apiece in mint condition. The 1997 Topps Mickey
I have a replica of the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card and want to know how much it is worth. It's not a typical baseball card. It's a hard card and a little thicker than a credit
Depending on the exact card and the condition, this
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