How Much Is a Mickey of Vodka?


375ml is usually how much is in a Mickey of Vodka. The cost of a Mickey of Vodka depends on the brand and where it is being sold. The more expensive the brand, the more expensive a Mickey of vodka.
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Mickey is a term for a 375 ml bottle of alcohol in Western Canada and Ontario. In Eastern
A mickey is typically 375ml but I don't know about jello shooters
That depends on the brand and where you shop. If you are of legal buying as well as drinking age = go to stores near you that have it.
Always smoke first, then drink. The combination is great, you only have to use a little of both, but while combined it gives you a much stronger buzz than doing one by itself. That'll
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If you are on a low carb diet, vodka would be the perfect drink. There are no carbs in vodka. It does have 64 calories per ounce. It has no fat, cholesterol, sodium ...
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