How much is a money order at 7-Eleven?


The typical 7-Eleven money order costs between $1 to $5. The exact fee depends on the size of the money order. The fee increases as the money order amount increases.

The 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores is a popular place to purchase money orders. The chain sells about $5 billion worth of money orders a year. The store is not a bank, so no checking or savings account is needed to obtain a money order.

In addition to money orders, 7-Eleven also provides customers with ATM kiosks to allow customers to withdraw cash quickly and easily. Anyone who desires a cup of coffee, a hot dog or snacks can get the cash needed to pay at the register.

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Up to $75, 7Eleven will cash it. After that amount, you need to call around and find a western union that cashes their money orders as not all stores do it. Ace Cash Advance will
It's $3 buy money order at 7-eleven.
is there a cash and carry M.O. at any western union? research it online to see where there are places in your city. Source(s) or better yet. get a bank account.
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