How much is a monthly membership at curves?


The monthly membership for the women's only gym called Curves is $33.00 per month. Usually Curves makes you sign an annual contract which doesn't allow you to break that occurring $33.00 per month.
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A one month membership is $44.
The Food Drive offered a $30 enrollement fee with a clubs normal monthly rate. The rate varies from club to club based on location. Some clubs are at $34 and others that pay higher'_monthly...
1. Locate the original contract you signed when you first joined Curves. Information about terms and conditions of the branch you joined should be located on the document that pertains
It depends on the franchise location, but a baseline: I believe it's $130 to sign up (unless you hit a special; mine was $99) and between $30 and $50 a month. If you register on their
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