How much is a one carat diamond worth?


The value of a diamond depends not just on size but cut and clarity too. A 1 carat diamond can range anywhere from about $1000 to several thousand dollars. I think an average price for a very good diamond is about $8000.
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Carat is the measurement of a diamond's weight. The stone's value would partially depend on its carat weight.
Depending on the quality of the diamond you can buy a 1 Carat diamond for around
In ancient times, traders looking to exchange precious stones worked to establish a uniform measurement system. The carob, a ubiquitous plant in the Middle East, had seeds that were
About $3200. "Worth" depends on whether you're buying or selling. Jewelry stores usually charge 100% above wholesale. Reputable online dealers charge 10% above wholesale
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How much a 1 carat diamond is worth depends on several things. The size, grade, color, cut, and whether it is in a setting or not will all affect the cost. A 1 carat diamond of fine quality can range from $4,800 to over $7,000.
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