How much is a one carat diamond worth?


The value of a diamond depends not just on size but cut and clarity too. A 1 carat diamond can range anywhere from about $1000 to several thousand dollars. I think an average price for a very good diamond is about $8000.
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Every diamond is valued individually by its colour, cut and its excellence, and clarity in addition to its carat weight. Also, any diamond is worth whatever someone will pay you for
Depending on the quality of the diamond you can buy a 1 Carat diamond for around
From about $750 to $5000+, and the relationship of carat to price is not direct. The more carats the more you pay per each. It really depends on the quality, color, clarity. 0 0 Comment
Identification The princess-cut diamond is square, rather than rectangular or circular in shape, when viewed from the top of the setting. The edges are sharp, and corners are pointed
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How much a 1 carat diamond is worth depends on several things. The size, grade, color, cut, and whether it is in a setting or not will all affect the cost. A 1 carat diamond of fine quality can range from $4,800 to over $7,000.
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