How Much Is a Playstation 1 Worth?


The PlayStation 1 can be worth anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand, depending on who you ask. Some people say that collectors will pay up to $6,0000 for a Sony PlayStation 1 because of the high quality audio the device produces. While this may not sound credible, many seem to agree that it does have a superb audio output. Even so, how much you get for your PlayStation 1 will vary depending on the overall condition of the device and how well it was cared for.
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Used copies are sold on amazon for only $5 though the like new condition ones start at $12.95 plus S/H and some are $20-30.
That depends what size the Playstation 1 memory card is. A "1 Mega 15
i sold my playstation, about 15 games, and two controllers for $25.00 on easy as hell to do. Source(s):
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