How much Is a postage stamp today?


The cost of a postage stamp today is 49 cents. This is a 3 cent rate increase from 2013. The rate was increased as of Jan. 26, 2014.

The postage rate is determined based on mail class and package dimensions like weight and shape. As a result of the rate hike, metered mail is now 1 cent less than First Class 1-ounce letters.

Postage services also include insurance, tracking and certified mail. The rate for insurance begins at $1.89 and goes up based on the contents of the package. The rate for certified mail is $3.30, and mail tracking is free.

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A postage stamp currently costs $0.44. Forever stamps are also $0.44, but never expire, and can be used no matter what the current cost of postage. With 6 postage rate hikes in the
A postage stamp is now 44 cents. ChaCha!
The postage rate in April 2009 was at 42 cents. It was raised from 42 cents to 44 cents on May 11th. The second ounce of postage remained at 17 cents. (10/2009)
One standard first-class postage stamp is currently 44 cents.
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USPS Postage Rates
First-Class Postcard: $0.34
First-Class Letter: $0.49
International Letter: $1.15
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