How Much Is a Provisional License?


Your first driving license is the provisional driving license. After ascertaining your qualifications you can apply for your provisional driving license online. The cost is 50 pounds. Visit the following website for more information:
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1. Drive by yourself only between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. unless you are going to school, going to work or have an emergency. Most states restrict provisional license holders from driving
You just need to show proof of age and since you're not travelling abroad to get to the club/pub, it should be fine. Source(s) common sense.
Start here. It looks pretty mild for CA.I could hardly believe it myself.
Getting a provisional license depends on your age and past driving
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A provisional license has an application fee of 50 Pounds. The applicant needs to be over 17 years of age in order to take driving tests.
A provisional license currently costs 50.00 for cars, mopeds and motorcycles. It is however free or lorries or buses. The prices may be updated from time to time.
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