How Much Is a PS3 at Wal Mart?


A PS3 at Wal Mart 250.00$, both the black ops bundle 160 GB PS3 and the regular PS3 160GB are $299.54. They have many other bundles available online and some refurbished models also available. I did see today that Amazon offered $50 off a later purchase from them for customers who purchased the Black Ops bundles at the same price as Wal-Mart, when state taxes saved are included that is over a 20% savings over Wal-Mart and the Video game bundle is another savings over the plain PS3.
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The guy that owns Walmart is Sam Walton. He is no longer living, but his family has taken over the business. They are the largest private employer in the world.
It should cost $299, if they have it in stock. I think they might have taken all the PS3 fats out of stores and replaced them with slims. But nevertheless, all PS3s are now worth
1. Are you ready for retail? Before you knock on the door of Wal-Mart, you need to ask yourself, "Am I ready yet to sell to retail, especially a large multi-billion dollar retailer
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Walmart is a super store that offers both groceries and goods at lower prices. The PS3 is a gaming system that they sell. As of 2012, the cheapest PS3 Walmart ...
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As of October 4, 2011 Walmart has a PlayStation 3 160 GB console listed for $249.96. You can get a starter bundle from them for $299 and up. ...
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