How Much Is a Quarter Worth with the Presidents Head on Both Sides?


A quarter with the president's heads on both sides is not a real spendable coin and not produced by the United States Mint. These coins are referred to as magicians coins and used for magic acts. You can buy or sell these coins at internet marketplaces for a few dollars each. Sorry, you haven't found anything priceless or valuable even.
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Please see the many, many other similar posts on this site for an explanation of how these novelty pieces are made from the halves of 2 genuine coins.
Double headed coins are novelty products. You can purchase them
A 1982 US Washington Quarter Dollar should weigh 5.67 grams. It may have been damaged after it left the mint. Is the coin thicker at the bulges, or is it cupped? It really needs to
Hi Laura, Technically, it is impossible for the mint to produce such a coin simply because of the method of striking; The front and back are struck simultaneously. Look for a seem
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