How Much Is a Quid Worth?

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1 GBP = 1.6822 1.2529 1.0 172.5963 1.8368
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A quid, is English slang for one pound. So, if you have ten quid, you have ten pounds. These days one pound is not paper money, but a pound coin, so where your quids used to be paper
"Quid" is the slang term for Pound. One Quid = One Pound, Ten Quid = Ten Pounds, One Hundred Quid = One Hundred Pounds, etc. See the link below to Universal Currency Converter
An English quid, slang for the pound = 1.4302 U.S. dollars.
£1.00 =Quid so £50= 50Quid of course there are other names for other amounts Pony, Donkey, Score etc.
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A quid is a term used in Great Britain as a money denomination. It is slang for a pound sterling. The value of the pound against some other currencies will fluctuate so an exact figure about worth would not be accurate on any day except today.
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