How much is a red penny stamp worth?


With over 21 billion printed between 1841 to 1879, most Penny Red stamps are commonly found and of little value. The price of a Penny Red can be affected by its condition, marginal inscription, plate number, color and year.

The most valuable Penny Red stamp is one printed from the 77 plate due to the technical errors contained in the plate. In 2012, a 77 Penny Red stamp sold at auction for over $900,000. Only one sheet of the stamp was produced using the 77 plate. Stamps printed after 1864 that contain a plate number may also be worth more than the majority of Penny Reds.

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That depends on what plate it is. Some are only worth a few pence but a few such as plate 77 ones are really rare and could sell for loads (i heard of one plate 77 penny red sold
Back until up to 1982 around 95% of the coin would have been copper however nowadays it's closer to 2% which is around 0.06gm of copper.
1. Fit an electric drill with a 1.2mm drill bit. 2. Hold the penny firmly in one hand with a pair of flat-nosed pliers. Drill a hole through the penny. 3. Hold one side of the split
We have found a variety of penny red stamps on sale from £3.00 up to £34.48 but suggest you contact specialist in your area for accurate info. report this answer. Updated
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