How Much Is a Renewal Passport?


To renew an adult UK passport, you will need to pay £77.50 for standard service, £112.50 for one week Fast Track service and £129.50 for one day premium service. For a child passport, the charges are £49 for standard service and £96.50 for one week. You will also need to submit the old passport along with a complete form and two recent identical photos.
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The cost of passport renewal depends on whether you are renewing an adult or child's passport. For the complete list of the renewal fees, please visit the Government's DirectGov website at
If you want to renew or amend an existing adult passport in the UK, it would cost £77.50. Similarly, if you want to renew or amend an existing child passport, it would cost £49.00. For more information about the prices and types of UK passports, visit
In UK, if you want to renew or amend an existing adult passport it would cost you £77.50. However, if you want to avail the one-week fast track service for renewal, then it would cost you £112.50.
The cost of renewing a passport depends with type of passport application the speed one needs it to be processessed.
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The nice thing about renewing your passport is that it can be done in the mail if certain conditions are met. The conditions are: you were over 16 when your original passport was
1. Visit the Dublin Passport Office, or Ireland's nearest embassy or consulate. From here you will pick up the renewal application form and specific instructions with regards to fees
1. Look for your old passport. Your most recent passport must be undamaged and available to hand in with your renewal paperwork. You will get it back once your new passport is issued
If you are a previous passport book holder and you are eligible to use Form DS-82, you may apply for a passport card as a renewal by mail - even if it is your first passport card!
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To renew a British Passport, make online application on the Identity and Passport Service website. Submit your details and you will be contacted when ready. You ...
$108.30. ...
If you need to Renew a UK passport of an adult which is 16 plus of age, you will be required to pay £77.50 for normal service which will take three weeks ...
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