How much is a Sacagawea dollar worth?


Since the Sacajawea dollar is not actually gold (it is a mixture of manganese and brass) they are really only worth a dollar. If you happen to have a coin that is has not been circulated and is sealed in a case it may be worth more.
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September 3, 2009 The 2000-D Sacagawea dollar is worth $1 in circulated condition. In the more common uncirculated grades it is valued from $1.15 to $15 depending upon the actual
The 2000 P and D dated Sacajawea dollars were made in huge quantities (as in hundreds of millions) and will never be worth more than $1. (The 2000 S coin, as in your photo, was issued
1. Locate the information for a coin dealer near you. This can be found in a phone book. Finding an email address and phone number are important so you do not waste your time driving
A Sacagawea coin is still in circulation and being made, and still only
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