How much is a second-class stamp in the United Kingdom?


A second class stamp in the UK costs between 36p to 3.15 pounds. The difference in the rates occur due to type and the weight of the article. Get more details at the Royal Mail website at:
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There are stamps available at the post office that sell for .42 cents, however you will still need to add the .02 cents additional postage to be able to mail the letter. Second class
I have looked on the Royal Mail Website: First Class: 39p. Second Class: 30p.…. There is a whole table of available stamps and costs
2nd Class large is 47p.
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You can pay for all your regular First Class, Second Class and Airmail letters with stamps. Certificates of Posting are available free when you post your mail from your local Post Office. A second class stamp rose from 30p to 32p and to purchase one or several visit
In the UK, the second class mail is used to send letters, large letters and packets for delivery on the third working day. The value of the stamp depends on the weight of the article and the type. Refer the following website for more details:
If you use a lot of stamps and need to buy your stamps in bulk then the convenient way to do so is to buy them as sheets. Stamp sheets contain 100 stamps and can be easily stored or filed away. The 100 x 2nd Class Self Adhesive Stamp Sheet is £32.
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As of April 2012, a second class stamp in the UK costs anywhere from 30p to 32p. A first class postage stamp costs from between 39p to 41p. In 2009, the prices ...
According to the website of the Royal Mail, 12 First Class stamps would cost you £5.52 as of April 2012. If you want to purchase Second Class stamps, they ...
In the UK, a 2nd class stamp is worth around 32 pence. You can check the price of 2nd Class Stamps at ...
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