How much is a shekel worth?


The shekel is the official currency of Israel. Because this is a freely traded currency, the value of this currency will vary from day to day. The Israeli shekel is currently worth about twenty six cents in American currency.
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what would be the value of fifty shekels today ?
According to.…. 1 shekel is worth 0.25 US dollars. The conversion chart says 4 shekels are equal to $1.02 US Dollars. Source(s) http:
1 Israeli new shekel = 0.
A Phoenicia Tyre half shekel coin, is worth approx$500. The half shekel was the cost of the temple tax paid by annually by every Jewish man. report this answer. Updated on Thursday,
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Exchange Rates for Israeli New Shekels
1 ILS = 0.2583 0.2366 0.169 32.0805 0.3227
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