How much is a silver three pence worth?


The worth of a silver three pence varies on the year it was produced, ranging from around 0.40 pounds to around 11.99 pounds. An 1875 Victoria silver three pence is worth 0.99 pounds while an 1863 Queen Victoria Silver three pence is worth 10.50 pounds. The values of various silver three pence coins can be checked online on eBay.
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The silver threepence worth varies on the years. As for an 1875 Victoria silver threepence is worth 0.99 pounds and for a Queen Victoria Silver threepence 1863 is worth 10.50 great Britain pounds.
Three pence is worth £5.00. Three pennies were heavy and cumbersome, so it was decided to introduce a larger nickel-brass version of the three pence coin and it was primarily produced for the Maundy Ceremony
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