How Much Is a Sixpence Worth?


If this is a silver sixpenny piece then it is was worth the equivalent of 2.4 new pence. (UK money) Today's price depends on the date and condition. Could be anywhere for 10p to £5 or more
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It depends on the year and the condition of the coin. Without knowing those two things, it is impossible to say.
According to the catalog I am using, the UK stopped making sixpence coins after 1967, and there are no sixpence dated later than that. Is this a UK coin?
A sixpence is 1/40 of a pound. A pound is equal to 1.49350 US dollars.
Sixpence from the period 1920 to 1946 contain 0.0454 oz of silver and thus had a bullion value of £0.38 or US$0.52. Silver price & exchange rates fluctuate.
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The sixpence estimate value is not estimated but there are various information concerning the different types of coins in the UK.
The British sixpence was a denomination that was worth six pence, or 1/40 of a pound sterling. The sixpence was a pre-decimal coin. For more information, visit:
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