How much does a Sleep Number bed cost?


The Sleep Number beds are priced like all others, the sizes, and prices vary. For a Queen set , the prices start at $999.99 for the cheapest, and can cost $4299.98 for the more expensive.
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Sleep number beds start at 450.00 for the bottom of the line twin b...
Sleep Number p2 Bed Queen size is $78/Mo $2598.99; p3 bed $85/Mo $2848.99 & p4 $93/Mo $3098.99. King size p2 is $124/Mo $4147.99, p3 $133/Mo $4422.99.
They start at 700. I have heard you need the right mattress covering or they are very hot.
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The price of a sleep number bed depends on the series that it is and the size of the bed. The newer the series, the more expensive it is and a twin bed costs less than a California King bed does. The price can range from $450-$5,000.
Of course, just like anything else, the price of a sleep number bed varies greatly. You can get a twin bed for around $800, a full bed for $1,400 and a queen for $1,800. You can find more info at:
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