How much does a Sleep Number bed cost?


The Sleep Number beds are priced like all others, the sizes, and prices vary. For a Queen set , the prices start at $999.99 for the cheapest, and can cost $4299.98 for the more expensive.
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1. Check the hose connections to the air chambers. They should make a clicking sound when reconnected. The hose connections are at the head of the bed, underneath the foam comfort
Sleep number beds start at 450.00 for the bottom of the line twin b...
Sleep Number p2 Bed Queen size is $78/Mo $2598.99; p3 bed $85/Mo $2848.99 & p4 $93/Mo $3098.99. King size p2 is $124/Mo $4147.99, p3 $133/Mo $4422.99.
They start at 700. I have heard you need the right mattress covering or they are very hot.
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The price of a sleep number bed depends on the series that it is and the size of the bed. The newer the series, the more expensive it is and a twin bed costs less than a California King bed does. The price can range from $450-$5,000.
Of course, just like anything else, the price of a sleep number bed varies greatly. You can get a twin bed for around $800, a full bed for $1,400 and a queen for $1,800. You can find more info at:
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