How Much is a Susan B Anthony Silver Dollar Worth?


A Susan B Anthony Silver Dollar is worth one dollar. There are a lot Susan B Anthony dollars floating around out there, so go ahead and have fun spending yours!
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It's made of copper and nickel, not silver, and it's still worth one dollar.
1891 Susan B Anthony silver dollar worth retail values are
My 2010 price guide says 3 bucks.
Description The Susan B. Anthony coin is the first coin to feature a woman. The obverse side features a profile of Anthony, a pioneer for women's rights, and on the reverse, an eagle
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There is no 1891 Susan B. Anthony silver dollar coin. A Susan B. Anthony coin from 1981 would be worth one dollar. Those coins have never increased in value. If ...
=Answer_ " = Answer = The coins are made of copper-nickel, not silver, so they don't have any precious metal value. If it has been in circulation, it's worth ...
SBA dollars were never struck in silver. They're all made of copper-nickel. Circulated SBA dollars are only worth face value. Uncirculated ones are usually about ...
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