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Knowing the following factors would be useful to know how much a ten shilling is worth: the date of issue, details of the design, the name of the chief cashier and the serial number prefix. On these indicators, a used note in very good condition could be worth 4 to 5 pounds; an unused note in mint condition could be worth 12 to 16 pounds. To learn more, follow the link at: http://www.ask.com/questions-about/Ten-Shilling-Note#anc_3
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I have a ten shilling note that was taken out of circulation approx. 1965 how much is it worth today?
Not Financial Advice: A $50 savings bond issued on 11/82 will be worth $25.00 after 10 years. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 06:08AM EST. Source: www.savingsbonds.com
Check with a coin dealer for current pricing but it's worth around $2.00 today but that depends on condition. Value in 10 years can't be determined.
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An old ten shilling note will be worth hundreds of Pounds depending on it's age. Older notes can achieve more bids in an auction.
The value of the Ten Shilling Note is decided by the prefix of the serial number, Chief Cashier's name, the nature of the design and the date of issue. Based on these facts the note is worth £4-5 if it s in very good condition. If it s still in mint condition it could be £12-16 worth. For more details follow the link at: http://www.ask.com/questions-about/Ten-Shilling-Note#anc_3
The British ten shilling note was first used in 1914.This coin was withdrawn and replaced with 5p coin.
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