How Much Is a Three Pence Coin Worth?


A 8 X British Silver 3 Pence Coins George V & VI is worth £3.65.
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Depends on condition take to reputable coin dealer to see.
A pence, or British Pound, ticker GBX is worth 1.6259 USD. This means that the pound is stronger than the dollar as a single pound buys the same thing a dollar + change will.
These coins are quite common, so are not worth much, perhaps $5-15 for a good condition, uncirculated 1942 three pence coin. The 1946 date three pence is the most rare, and as a result
As there are probably hundreds and thousands of these still in circulation, it has no real value. It's face value is a little over 1p in todays money. If a collector is putting together
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