How Much Is a Ticket to Get into Six Flags for a 14 Year Bold?


Admission tickets to get into Six Flags are as follows: Regular - $45.99 + tax; Junior (54' and under) - $28.99 + tax; Safari only - $17.99 + tax; Senior (55+)/Disabled - $28.99 + tax; Children under 3 - FREE; Parking - $10.00. The Safari is FREE with both the Regular and Junior admission tickets.
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It depends on the type of ticket you are purchasing. Generally twenty five dollars and up. You can purchase season passes that reduce the price of individual tickets.
1. Visit Six Flags during off-season months. Everyone wants to go to Six Flags in the middle of the summer and Six Flags knows this, so it's harder to find discounts for tickets during
the prices for six flags are $50.00 each per person
Six Flags has more than a dozen parks with admission prices ranging from $25 to
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The cost for a ticket for a 14 year old depends on which Six Flags park you go to. For Six Flags Magic Mountain it is $59.99 or $39.99 if tickets are bought online ...
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