How Much Is a Twenty Pence Coin Worth?


The important thing to remember when looking for one of the new undated 20 pence coins is the true value of the coin.  There are some sellers listing the 20 pence coin for up to £1,000,000. The British decimal twenty pence (20p) coin often pronounced 'twenty pees” was issued on 9 June 1982 to fill the obvious gap between the ten pence and fifty pence coins. It rapidly gained acceptance: as of March 2008 there were an estimated 2.3 billion 20p coins in circulation.
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The Twenty Pence coin originates in the UK so, as the name suggests, it is worth Twenty Pence in the UK.
The currency exchange rate would make it worth about 32.5 cents US, but you can not use it to buy anything in the US because it is not legal tender. A coin collector would not pay
0.20 British Pounds (20 pence) = $0.325180.
The British decimal Twenty Pence (20p) coin was issued in June 1982 to fill in the obvious gap between the Ten Pence and Fifty Pence coins.
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